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3CX License Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing is based on the number of simultaneous calls that your company requires, including both external and internal calls. Each 3CX Phone System allows you to create an UNLIMITED number of extensions. To arrive at the correct number of simultaneous calls that you need you must usually take the projected number of extensions and divide by two to four times depending on how much your organization uses the phone.

There is much confusion regarding the question… "What exactly uses a call license?"

When it comes to a 3CX license, a Call can be classified as the following

  • Any inbound call to an IVR, Ring Group, Queue or Extension
  • Any outbound calls
  • A Call between two extensions
  • A Parked call
  • A Call to a conference bridge
  • 3CX Phone System Editions

3CX Phone System is available in three different editions – Free, Standard and Pro. The Pro edition adds the following features:

  • Advanced real time statistics –With these advanced call center features, supervisors can get access to the advanced real time information in 3CXPhone for Windows and Mac. Besides monitoring queue status and which agents are logged on, you can see the number of callers in queue, the number of answered/unanswered calls, average and longest wait time, the time an agent logged in / out of queue and more.
  • Additional Queue strategiesincluding Call Back, Longest Wait, Least Used.
  • Whisper– Whisper functionality on queue calls. Listen in to monitor Agent responses, and if an Agent responds wrongly you can provide feedback that only the Agent can hear, allowing him / her to correct their answers.
  • Listen in– Allows supervisors to listen in on calls to monitor Agent responses.
  • Wrap up time– Wrap up time gives agents a configurable amount of time to enter notes in the customer record or follow up tasks before they have to take another call. Wrap up time can be configured per queue.
  • Wall Board feature– A web page which can be displayed on a large screen with total number of calls waiting, number of answered and unanswered calls and average wait time.
Alerts to file and email when a call is in the queue beyond a certain time. You can now enforce SLA requirements and get notifications whenever a call is in a queue beyond a certain time. An email notification can be sent and the alert is also logged.
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  • Neuse River Networks

    Upgrading from an old version of 3CX Phone System to a new version was easy. Once the old version was backed up, the new installation began and was successfully completed within just a few minutes. Restoration of settings from the previous version took another few minutes. The license was activated and a test call to a cell phone was made within 15 minutes of starting the whole updating process. I do not know of any other product capable of completing a new installation and of restoring to bare metal in under 15 minutes from a remote location. We are glad we choose 3CX for our standard VoIP product offering.

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